Madison College Class of 2017

  • Incoming Madison College first year students, check out this presentation to learn about specifics of life on campus at Madison College-including registering for classes, how the TOPS program works at Madison college (and how you can earn money because of it), and tricky financial aid things to know! Along with many resources available for you at the college!

Minfulness 101

  • All TOPS Scholars can benefit from this presentation outlining the importance of mindfulness in day to day life and a few quick methods to practice on your own.

Understanding Financial Aid

  • With information for both US Citizens and Undocumented/DACAmented students, this presentation will inform students on little-known financial aid information, and the basics surrounding types and amounts of financial aid available, and filling out your FAFSA again in 2017.

Path to Success

  • College students (aimed at those heading to 4-year universities) will learn how to make the most of their time on campus and what resources and methods to take advantage during their 4 years at school.

Mental Health Information for Students

  • Students will learn about the warning signs of depression and anxiety, coping mechanisms, and how to support friends and family going through tough mental health times. Students should follow up on resources on their campus to support the mental health of students and know that it is normal to feel this way–but it is important to seek out help to feel better.