Creating and maintaining a budget is tough when you’re off on your own for the first time. However, making the wrong choices now might put you in a bad financial situation later. Check out our budget resources. Its never too early or too late to plan your finances.

Its a good idea to plan out your finances for the semester, especially if you know you will be getting a financial aid disbursement to cover living costs. Its easy, when you’re on your own, and surrounded by choices, to blow through your funds too quickly! Keep track each semester of how much you spend on expenses (books, supplies, toiletries, food, music, apps, technology, phone bill, household utilities, rent, car payments, parking, etc), and use this to modify your budget for the next semester. Don’t forget to keep track of how much money you spend on having fun!

Check out some of these budgeting tools & tips:

Budget Worksheet

Budgeting & money-saving apps:

Mint – use Mint on your phone to track your spending habits, set limits, and more

Budget calculator

Splitwise – allows you to charge your friends for shared costs!

Budget tips:

Guide to bank accounts for college students

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Guide to creating a budget