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Notes from the TOPS College Success Team:

  • Always make sure your email address is appropriate! If you don’t have one, its easy to set up a new account with something like gmail!
  • Be sure that you are consistent with your formatting!
  • Does your job description make sense? Make sure not to use terms that only your coworkers would understand!
  • If you had the same job at multiple places, try to highlight the differences between each position! Did you serve more customers at one location? Did you oversee a different program?


  • Your objective/personal summary should focus on what you bring to the table! If you discuss your goals, discuss them from your point of view. Rather than describing a position, this person could have said that they enjoyed working with others and were looking for a job in communications.
  • Again, make sure your formatting is consistent and easy to read!!!
  • Make sure your experience is clear. For example, its hard to tell what things such as “Edgewood Grade School” and “Soccer” mean on here–are you coaching? Playing? We know they are not in grade school, so what does this mean?


  • Don’t go overboard with adjectives! What is an “aggressive organizational goal”?
  • Make your resume easy to read! It is hard to differentiate between schools here.
  • Don’t just list everything you did at your job! This description is very long, and does not add much value. It is hard to understand what the applicant actually brought to the table. Pick a few major focuses, and describe them more in detail!


  • Check your grammar and spelling!
  • Use your space wisely–we don’t need a specific store location, or your company’s zip code–instead, discuss your skills and responsibilities!
  • If your GPA is below a 3.0, don’t include it on your resume!
  • If you had an internship, don’t hide it at the bottom! This is good experience!


  • Have you been recognized for something amazing at your job? Did you get an award for your volunteer or leadership commitment? Make sure this shines through on your resume!
  • How do you stand out? Were you responsible for an increase in sales at your job? Did you create a new system, or organize a new event? Let this be known!!
  • Do you volunteer regularly? Include this on your resume!
  • Numbers give context to your experience-talk about the ages of the children you worked with, the number of customers you reached out to, or the amount of money you raised!
  • Please have someone check your grammar and spelling-its very easy to notice these mistakes, and you want to make the impression that you worked hard on your resume!
  • Similarly, make sure your resume is easy to read. Look at your formatting, and the way you chose to list your experience. Is it easy to differentiate between sections? Can it be easily skimmed? Need help? Contact your success coach or check out our sample resumes!
  • One page is enough–just be efficient with your space! This makes it easier for the employer to read.