How can I get assistance traveling between campuses? 

All Madison College students are eligible to use the campus shuttle. You will just need your Onecard to use the shuttle! Check out the link above to access the shuttle schedule. Shuttles operate 6:45 am-9:30 pm while classes are in session, but do not operate during the summer.

Students are also eligible for a free Madison Metro Bus pass. You will need to stop by the Student Life room at Truax, or check the link above for how to pick up your bus pass at other campus locations!

When will I get financial aid to help me pay for textbooks?

Unfortunately, Madison College will not disburse financial aid until after the semester starts. However, starting January 9th for the Spring 2017 semester, students who are eligible for financial aid can use the book charge to purchase their textbooks from the Madison College bookstore locally. However, you are welcome to save money by ordering your textbooks through Amazon, Chegg, or other textbook purchase/rental websites, and then “reimburse” yourself with any extra financial aid you get. Otherwise, the college will apply your financial aid funds to cover your book charge (after tuition), and then send any excess money to you.

Who do I contact to register for classes?

Any Madison College adviser can help you out with registering for your classes! However, our TOPS advisers are great resources to support you! You can email Taylor to set up an appointment with them, email the advisers themselves, or call the Student Development Center at (608) 246-6076.

When is the last day to drop classes?

Once classes begin, you will begin to be charged for classes-meaning if you drop a class, you will be required to pay a portion of the tuition. This amount will increase throughout the semester, until the class is 90% complete, at which case you can no longer drop the class. 

  • 100% refund: Drop class at least one day before it starts
  • 80% refund: Drop class before 11% of the class is completed
  • 60% refund: Drop class after 11% but before 20% of the class is completed. Classes dropped during any refund period do not appear on your transcript.
  • 0% refund: Drop class after 20% of the class is completed. Classes dropped after the 60% refund period remain on your transcript and receive a final grade of “W” (withdrawal).

The following situations may qualify for a dispute of charges:

  • A Swap or Section Change was entered as an Add/Drop
  • Madison College website technical difficulties prevented you from using your Student Center to drop your classes during the refund period

If an unexpected situation arises that impacts your education, talk with your instructor(s). Most are willing to make alternate arrangements for you to complete class work. You may qualify for an Incomplete if you can complete 75% of course material before the term ends.

If you still find it necessary to drop your classes after the refund period but do not qualify for an Incomplete, you may apply for an Extenuating Circumstance partial (60%) refund.

How can I access the Fitness Center?

Madison College students are eligible for free access to the campus fitness center by using their OneCard. This include access to the basketball courts, pool, cardio equipment, weights, showers, and group fitness classes. For more information, check the fitness center schedule.

When are mindfulness sessions offered?

Check out the schedule for free mindfulness sessions here.

How can I access my Madison College email on my phone?

Check out this guide to setting up your Madison College email on phone apps.

I got a letter about joining an honor society at Madison College. What is this? 

The National Society of Leadership & Success sent out letters to some Madison College Students about joining their organization. Here is a page describing the society, and what they do, and here is some information on joining college honor societies. You will have to decide for yourself whether it is worth it!