This tab is designed to help you figure out how to successfully get ready, apply, and get funding for college. We also included ways you can be prepared for college such as exploring what majors/careers you are interested in and the importance of getting experiences. Start learning by selecting any of the sections below!

Majors & Careers

Learn about what interests you.

Process of applying to college & required materials

Learn what the process looks like and what is needed to apply for college.

Transitioning to College

Explore tips on transition from high school to college.

Importance of gaining experiences

Learn why you should work, intern, job shadow, etc.

Funding for College (HS)

Find out ways you can afford college.

Bridge/Fly In Programs

Find out programs that can help you prepare for college.

Applying to College Timeline

Explore a timeline of applying to college.

College Information

Learn about the cost of college and information on specific colleges.


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