Not really sure what is a major and what is a career? What are the differences and what are the similarities? Read below!

Differences between major and career: 

  • A major is a specialized focus subject area and usually is a group of classes/courses categorized to fulfill requirements of studying the focused subject area.
  • A career is a set of jobs and experiences that leads to a specific occupation. 
  • A major requires completing courses/classes and you will then earn an undergraduate degree.
  • A career usually begins after completing a set of education, training, or certification and the end of a career usually contains a variety of jobs and experiences.

Relationship between major and career:

  • Choosing a major to earn a post secondary degree can help you get jobs or continue professional schooling to progress towards a career.
  • A major is more like a stepping stone or first step in embarking on a career journey. You need to major in a subject area to receive the credentials in the education aspect in order to begin obtaining appropriate employment and experiences that make up a career.