Preparing for your post-college success starts when you begin college. While you are in college, get involved in student clubs/committees, volunteer with local non-profits, meet with your professors during office hours, apply for on-campus jobs (opportunity to meet key players on campus and gain meaningful skills), complete an internship or two (BGCDC provides TOPS Scholars with internship opportunities!), and the list goes on. It is important to focus on your studies, but also broaden your horizons outside of the classroom.

When you find a position that excites you, look over the position description carefully and identify what is required of an applicant and what is your expertise.

(Adapted from DELTA: Integrating Research, Teaching, and Learning)

Education and Skill Set What is required of an applicant? Your expertise
Disciplinary and Technical Skills (e.g., software experience, area of expertise)
Research and Planning Experience (e.g., forecasting, identifying problems, extracting important information, setting goals, analyzing and defining needs)
Communication Skills (e.g., speaking effectively, writing concisely, expressing ideas, listening attentively, reporting, and editing)
Organization management and Leadership Skills (e.g., leading a team, handling details, coordinating tasks, making decisions with others, and managing conflicts)
Human Relations/People Skills (e.g., leading a team, listening, motivating, cooperating, and delegating with respect)
Basic Job Skills (e.g., being punctual, managing time, organizing, and making decisions)

Check out the websites and articles posted for information on how to create a cover letter and resume and how to navigate the land of job hunting.


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