Process of applying

Typically you would apply for colleges online. There are still options to send in a paper application to institutions with the required materials. The college you are interested in applying for should have a online portal for begin this application process.

Step 1: create an account by setting up a username and password
Step 2: answer and fill out background information
Step 3: attach all required materials
Step 4: when your application is complete, submit your full application

For paper applications, you can send in the required materials for the application either all together or separately (check with the school for this).

Required materials

Keep in mind that some institutions will require more or less than what we are listing, but here are the main things most colleges ask for:

  • Application fee
  • Essay/letter answering the institute’s specific questions listed on the application
  • Resume or list of extracurricular activities and experiences
  • Letters of recommendation*
  • High school transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores

*Your letters of recommendation may be submitted separately from your part of the required materials for the application. Some schools will prefer that you don’t submit it and the letters come directly from your recommenders either online or via mail. Make sure to check with your institution these instructions as they differ from another.