How would you describe yourself? Your personality? What are your strengths?

  • Example: I am a great organizer, and I motivate others. I am outgoing and connect well personally.

Have you volunteered at all? If so, when? Where?

  • Example: For the past few months, I have volunteered every Saturday at St. Vincent’s

Have you been a part of any clubs or organizations? If so when and where?

  • Example: TOPS College Success Program, Student Senate, Biology Club, Orgullo Latino, Scholars of Color Mentoring Program, etc

What were your roles at your jobs? What were you responsible for? Be specific about any accomplishments you made, and what you were put in charge of.

  • Example: As an AVID tutor I was expected to facilitate collaborative tutorial groups for high school juniors in the classroom, evaluate and grade student work for appropriate use of AVID methodology, and model and support the development of inquiry and critical thinking skills

What other skills do you have? Are you bilingual? Do you have computer skills? Are you organized? Punctual?

  • Example: Time management, creativity, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, Peoplesoft, Java