• Badger Care Plus – comprehensive health coverage program for families with low incomes.
  • Marketplace – website where you can view and purchase health insurance.
  • ABC for Health, Inc. – ABC for Health’s mission is to provide health care consumers with the information, advocacy tools, legal services, and expert support they need to navigate America’s complex and confusing health care financing system.
  • Covering Wisconsin –  Covering Wisconsin’s mission is to connect Wisconsin residents with appropriate insurance coverage and other programs that support health, and to promote effective use of these programs.

School Specific

Community (Dane County)

Many Mental Health Services are covered by Insurance! Check your policy for more information!


Dane County Food Resource Guide– A resource of food pantries, free meals, and nutrition assistance (FoodShare) programs in Dane County.

  • Child Care Subsidy Programs, WisShares- Provides assistance paying for child care expenses to low-income parents who are working or preparing to enter the workforce.
  • Head Start-Head Start is a comprehensive preschool program that focuses on promoting school readiness through positive social and educational skill development for children 3-5 years old of low-income families.
  • Early Head Start– Early Head Start is a two-generation program, designed to provide high-quality child and family development services to low-income pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers up to the age of three.  The family-centered services facilitate child development, support parental roles, and promote self-sufficiency.

Tenant Resource Center-The Tenant Resource Center is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to promoting positive relations between rental housing consumers (tenants) and providers (landlords) throughout Wisconsin. By providing information and referrals, education about rental rights and responsibilities, and access to conflict resolution, we empower the community to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing.

Progress Center for Black Women– To build and design an innovative center that serves as a hub of community, connections, valued experiences and opportunities for Black women to transform their lives and families.

If you are looking for resources not found here, reach out to your coach!