Terrica Peyton: College Enrollment Coach (High School & Transition)


(608) 661-4729


Terrica is the College Enrollment Coach for all AVID/TOPS Seniors within the major 4 MMSD High Schools. Terrica is a MMSD graduate and a UW Madison Alum with a BA in Social Welfare and Sociology. Her goal is to empower AVID/TOPS Seniors as they transition into TOPS Scholars and begin their trans-formative journeys through college!

Taylor Jackson: College Success Coach (Madison College Students)


(608) 661-4755


Taylor is the College Success Coach for all students at Madison College! Taylor graduated from UW Madison in 2016, and is currently studying to receive her Master’s in School Counseling. She was a first generation college student, and is excited for the opportunity to be able to help other students in similar positions!

Trevor Wirth: College Transition Coach (Freshmen & Sophomores)


(608) 661-4728


Trevor received a Business and Sports Management degree from Ripon College where he played football and lacrosse before completing his Master’s in Sports Management at Southern New Hampshire University, located in Manchester, New Hampshire. He has spent the last two years working with youth development through PASS AmeriCorps at the Goodman Community Center, MSCR at Madison West High School, and also as an AVID/TOPS tutor at Madison West. He is eager to work and support TOPS Scholars past and present towards achieving goals and dreams through post –secondary education!

Paige Brunett: College Success Coach (Madison College)


(608) 661-4753


Paige is the College Success Coach for classes of 2015 and beyond at Madison College. Paige graduated from Gonzaga University and is now working towards her Master’s in Social Work. Paige is joining our team after spending time working as the AVID/TOPS Admin. at East High School, so her knowledge of the TOPS program runs deep! We are excited and lucky to have Paige join our team this year!


Jacob Snell: College Success Coach (Upperclassmen)


(608) 661-4730


Jacob is a Success Coach for our upperclassmen at 4 year universities. Ever since he graduated from UW-Madison as a first-generation college student in 2015, he has worked to increase equity in higher education by helping under-represented students on college campuses navigate the difficult and unfamiliar terrain of higher education. Jacob enjoys leading an active lifestyle and regularly contributes his time to efforts aimed to improve the local community. Jacob will work specifically with upperclassmen students who are enrolled at institutions other than Madison College.