Please note that after completing the Emergency Fund Application Form, results will be sent to the review committee. If documentation is not included, the student’s college coach will follow up to explain what documentation is needed and support student in locating this information. Please note that the review process of student applications may take up to 3 business days. Actual distribution of funds is contingent upon receiving W-9 form completed by 3rd party vendor (i.e. landlord, car repair shop, etc).

Documentation can be emailed directly to

Eligible Expenses include, but are not limited to housing and rent, medical emergency costs, car repair, travel for family emergency, public transportation costs/bus pass, gas funds, replacement of items after fire or other emergency, emergency coverage of expenses during fire or other emergency, catastrophe coverage of needs, tuition fees/student account holds, textbooks, groceries & food, and DACA application fees.

  • Please note that, because the nature of this fund is for emergency situations, we cannot make payments for future tuition bills. If you are in need of funding for a future semester, which has not yet begun, please instead reach out to your coach to discuss options for covering your tuition gap.