You might find that in college, you use your textbooks much more than you did in high school. However, given the high costs of textbooks, many students are choosing to go without. According to, the average yearly cost of textbooks for students in $1,364.

There ARE ways to save money on textbooks. It just takes some advanced planning…don’t wait until classes start to buy your textbooks!

First: to make sure you are looking at the right textbooks when shopping, use the ISBN # listed next to your textbook information. An ISBN# is a 11 or 13 digit number that identifies a specific textbook and edition.

It might also be possible to use an earlier edition of your textbook to save money. Email your professor to ask them whether it would be ok to use an earlier edition!


Renting textbooks allows you to borrow the book at a fee for the length of the semester. The benefit of renting is that the textbooks are usually even cheaper than used textbooks! You will need to keep the book in good shape, and remember to return it at the end of the semester so you don’t get charged.

Buy used:

Buying a textbook used will also save you money, and you may be able to sell it at the end of the semester online, to the bookstore, or to other students at your school. Used textbooks are cheaper than new, but may have some markings in the books.

Check the library:

At many schools, professors will place one or two copies of a textbook on reserve in the library. The library might also have other copies you are able to check out, otherwise you will just have to commit to spending some time in the library to study!

For some classes, your local public library might also have a copy of some of the books you need! Setting up a library card is easy, and will save you money.

Shop around for your textbooks! Here are some helpful links:

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****Don’t know how to find your textbook information?? Check your student center account for your college. If you still can’t find them…ask your College Success Coach!