Use your resources! Starting off college with good habits will ensure that you continue those habits for success. Explore your school’s websites and buildings for the many resources offered for FREE by your university. This includes academic resources, such as tutoring, libraries, and study areas. Many schools offer gym memberships, which might include mindfulness or yoga classes as well. Other schools offer health services and clinics, and childcare.

Communicate with your professors! Meet with them early & often, before you are having any issues. Your professors will be likely to work with you and provide you support if you are struggling to keep up in class. Its never too late to get in touch and reach out for help. Office hours are often available to meet with professors to discuss coursework, questions, or even their own careers & interests! Your professors can also be great academic references later down the line.

Always go to class! Don’t get in the habit of skipping class. Professors might share information about tests or homework, and some might even take attendance. Information shared in class will show up on your test.

Get involved in your campus. Follow your passion, and join a club, group, or team that meets your interest. This will help you meet more people on campus, and will also look great on a resume. Building leadership experience gets you the skills you need for success in a career.

If you’re having issues with your roommate, talk to them. It may be uncomfortable, but talking early will keep the situation from escalating. If you need help, talk to your campus counselors or your RA.

Register for classes on time, so that you can get into the classes you want!

Meet with your adviser. You don’t want to get to your junior or senior year and realize you’re far from the credits you need for graduation. Registering for the right classes will save you time and money.

Take advantage of free/discounted food & supplies for students!

Make a budget, and stick to it! Its easy to get caught up in the freedom of college and order pizza or go to Qdoba every night. Manage your money so you can keep affording the things you want and need.

Read your syllabus. Mark important test & project dates in your calendar, and CHECK your planner to avoid surprises!